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An Intimate Brooklyn, NY Wedding | Terisha + Omar

I’ve photographed weddings at beaches, in churches, hotels, courthouses, backyards and barns, and there’s always something about heading into the big city that makes me giddy! Maybe it’s the fact that I grew up in New York City and feel at home there and get excited to see the skyscrapers, or the fact that cities are always buzzing with energy.

Some wedding photographers may not enjoy the whole city vibe because it means you have a lot more elements to deal with – such as bright orange cones or a sea of pedestrians – but I say bring it on! Which is EXACTLY what I did for Terisha and Omar’s wedding, which we photographed smack dab on a Brooklyn sidewalk this past April.

The ceremony itself took place on the sidewalk in front of Ode to Babel which also served as the reception location which made for some unique shots.

A Bronx Tale meets Brooklyn's Finest.

I so loved the urban vibe, the venue, the details, the party – and I especially love this couple! Congrats, lovebirds!

Terisha + Omar's catered dinner boxes were so unique and delicious. Catered Boxes | | 757-774-6142 |

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