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modern school portraits.

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Parents + Schools LOVE these school photos. Why?

1. Families can choose their favorite image! Instead pf the photographer deciding on the best image, parents get to choose which image represent their child's personality! There is no money up front and parents have the option of choosing one image or multiple images from a password protected proofing gallery.

2. Everything is paperless! I handle all transactions electronically and I can handle all communication with parents. There is much less work for teachers and administration!

3. i know that many schools have a tightly-woven schedule that needs to stay as intact as possible, so I am willing to work with each school to make sure the experience is the least disruptive it can be to the children's education. 

4. I am happy to photograph siblings together, if your school allows it. 

5. I will donate 10% of my print profits from the first 60 days of gallery delivery back to your school or the PTA.

how does it work?

I will create a custom webpage for your school with Photo Day information, ordering procedures, pricing, and Photo Day Prep. The link is sent to families so that they know exactly what to expect, and who they can in touch with if they have any questions. I work carefully with a staff member or parent volunteer to set up a schedule for photo day. 

On photo day, I spend about two or three minutes with each child to capture 2-6 fantastic images (maybe more if the child is totally rocking the session). 

After the shoot, families are emailed password-protected galleries presented in both color and b+w. Families then order their prints and digital files directly from their galleries! Everything is online. This means forms won't get lost, kids won't have to keep track of cash's totally digital and seamless. 

Prints and products will be delivered to the school so that families do not need to pay for shipping. Upon request, staff photos and class photos can be taken. A complimentary 5x7 print of the class photo will be included in each print package for students and staff. If needed, I will provide the school with high resolution files for yearbooks, websites, marketing, IDs, etc. 

view sample gallery and print shop pricing by clicking here

how do I book my school?

You can begin the booking process by filling out my contact form. I will follow up with a conversation to determine what your school's needs are and if we are a good match! We will then work together to design your custom session and the process will begin! 

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